Commercial Tints



Increase personal comfort while saving on energy costs!

Large expanses of glass in our homes and workplaces create energy sapping heat, annoying glare, damaging ultra violet rays, and a lack of privacy. The answer is simple!!   Moraytints range of premium solar films created specifically for your comfort and protection.

These incredible performers block just about everything except your natural view, preventing up to 84% of heat entering your home or workplace through the glass, cutting glare by up to 92%, and stopping a remarkable 98% or more of UV rays.

UV rays cause extensive damage to all types of fabrics, furniture and flooring ECT, so with our specially developed film you can eliminate this once and for all. Why hide those precious paintings and family air looms!  With our UV protection you will never need to worry about fading again.  

Glare can be a massive problem in today’s work place. Computer Monitors, flat screen TVs and security surveillance can all be a victim of glare from windows and no more obstacles when trying to do presentations! With one of your film fitted you could enjoy a glare reduction of up to 92% without compromising daylight or views.

Heat can sometimes be an expected problem in our modern building with expansive glass gable end and panoramic views. Why hide away from these room in summertime when with a simple film we can cut heat build up by 80%. Again our specially developed solar control films do not compromise on your vision. 

Privacy is sometimes an issue in modern housing estates or properties close to foot paths and roads. If your fed up with preying eyes and nosey nabours we have the solution! A very light reflective tint can eliminate vision from outside and give you that extra piece of mind and reassurance. Our films come in different shade so wont strand out from the surrounding and not effect your vision and outlook.  

Environmental costs. With the ever increasing costs for fuel and the excessive use of air conditioning systems playing a significant part in climate change. It has become environmentally damaging and financially costly to allow the suns heat to enter a building only then to be artificially cooled. Window film can boost energy efficiency; reduce your carbon footprint and in the long run a return on investment with lower fuel costs.

Our Films also allow your glass to be more efficient in the winter by reducing the amount of heat loss leaving your home, office or workplace. Reducing costly heat loss in the winter. 

Moraytints have supplied and fitted numerous projects over the years from national supermarket chains, drive thru and restraint chains to museums, government buildings and mansion houses.  

No matter what your problem is, extra privacy, security, heat and glare reduction or simply preventing those expensive fabrics and woodwork from fading, we have a suitable solar control film for you!! 

Contact us and one of our specially trained representatives will make arrangements at a time convenient, to meet and discuss your requirements and provide a free no obligation quotation.